About the Author

David Shailer


David Shailer is a British screenwriter with his scripts well-placed in prestigious competitions, most notably the Nicholl Fellowship (The Jeweler’s Wife, WW2 suspense drama) and American Zoetrope (The Wintertide Spirit, family fantasy). As well as screenplays, David has written comedy material that has been published in the UK and broadcast on BBC’s Radio 4. He also combines creativity with his background in computing in his book, The Project Manager’s Toolkit (published by Butterworth-Heinemann), which sells worldwide.


With his vivid imagination and drawn to “tales with a twist”, David uses different genres according to the needs of the story. In his brooding horror, The Healer, the haunting characters discover that even miracles can be terrifying with their darker implications. In the same vein as The Exorcist, The Conjuring and White Noise, The Healer is a cautionary tale about the dangers of invoking the supernatural. The initial idea centered on society’s quest for spiritual healing (crystals, Shamans, animal spirits etc) and, if there is a supernatural world, do these types of healing come with a cost?


In David’s chilling story, Father Keneally finds that he can heal but is this blessing really a curse? Who can handle such power and responsibility? It tests Keneally’s faith in himself and his God to the limit because the more people he heals, the more people die. With frightening visions and dreams, he comes to realize that, along with the divine, there are demonic forces at work.